Our Farm

Our Story

The Somerset Farm dream began in 2007 with the desire to purchase acreage and build a home for a weekend retreat in the country to introduce my children and grandchildren to that lifestyle. My early childhood was spent on a tobacco farm in the hills of Somerset, Kentucky. Although a great place to spend my childhood, I wanted to experience city life and found my way to Houston in my early 20’s.

My father was a great influence in my life and often told me, as a young child, that I was born under a lucky star. He instilled in me the belief that if I could dream it, I could do it. His love of the land was a factor in my desire to use our little spot of paradise for something more than recreation.

After a visit to a lavender farm in the Texas Hill Country, I began researching what it would take to grow lavender. I discovered it to be a challenge in Central Texas. With encouragement and help from our neighbors, friends, and the support of the great folks at Texas Lavender Association, we planted our first test field in the fall of 2013. The winter of 2013 proved to be challenging to this “new farmer” but, holding on to our dream we persevered and went on to plant our second field in the fall of 2014.

Although my father left us in 1997, his presence is still felt and I know he would be proud of my efforts to grow lavender in this piece of Texas we now call home. Hence, the name of our farm is recognition of my birthplace as well as my parents, and the love I still have for my first home.

Just as this project would not have been possible without my father’s influence, my dear husband has been essential to the process. He has been my chief cheerleader and support along the way. Incredible that we found each other in Houston, Texas, as I later learned his grandparents and father were native to Kentucky as well.

We are excited to open our farm to visitors this year. Come see us!

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream, a dream you dream together is reality.” – John Lennon